Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for presentations for the 2023 Annual Conference is now open. 

Submit your proposal HERE. You can save your work and return to edit as necessary.

Presentation proposals are due APRIL 1, 2023.

Conference will be Sept 28-29, 2023 in Overland Park, KS.


KSHA values the work of students, faculty, and others engaged in research, and we recognize the need to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians. In an effort to avoid crowding and safeguard our conference against spreading Covid-19, KSHA will be hosting an online poster session. This will give researchers an opportunity to share their work and attendees an opportunity to glean clinical applications from what they've learned.


How will this work? 
Step 1: Submit your poster proposal HERE by June 1
Step 2: Create your poster in a digital format and save as PDF
Step 3: Upload your poster HERE by Aug 27
Step 4: Upload your video HERE by Aug 27

Can I start the proposal and come back to it later?
Yes, you will log into and find your proposal there, which you can edit until you submit it.

What format should my poster be?
The format of the e-poster is up to you, but will be uploaded as a PDF. It may be a variation of the traditional poster or a Powerpoint presentation (handout format), or something else of your choosing. In addition, poster presenters will upload a video of themselves (and their co-presenters, if they wish) discussing the poster.

Where do I upload my video? You will upload your video (maximum of 15 minutes in length) HERE. Just be sure to put the title of your presentation and your last name in the file name.

What about scholarships? The scholarship committee will review the submitted materials and award both the Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship and the Dixie Heinrich Servant Leadership Award. These will be awarded at the annual KSHA conference Sept 28-29, 2023.

How will people see my poster? Conference attendees will have the opportunity to view your poster during the month of September.  Up to two hours of continuing education will be awarded for viewing the posters.

Questions? Email