Honors & Leadership Development (invites nominations for Honors of the Association, Audiologist and SLP of the Year, special service awards, as well as any other honors which may be coordinated by the Association; prepares the nominations for each elective office and submits to the Executive Board for approval. Six member committee. Term is three years with rotating membership; two members appointed each year)

Dena Hall, Chair, AUD
Kris Pedersen, SLP
Douglas Parham, SLP (2017-2020)

Tara Marshall, SLP (2017-2020)
Julie Koenig, SLP (2017-2019)

Finance (Develops annual budget, makes recommendations for managing accumulated funds, special projects, and supervises management of     Association)

Tammy Gonzales, Chair, AUD (2018-2020)
Meredith Harold, SLP (2019)
Jessica Gaughan, AUD (2018-2020)
Molly Thurman-Rana, SLP (2018-2020)
avid Paul, AUD (2019-2021)
Angela Parcaro-Tucker, SLP (2019-2021)

Ethical Practices (Responsible for any revisions of Code of Ethics and educating members about ethical practices; three-year term)

Allison Winters, Chair, SLP
Allison Gatewood, SLP
Kris Pedersen, SLP
Stacey Baldwin, AuD

Task Forces

Continuing Education
Rochelle Harden, VP for Audiology
Meredith Harold, VP for SLP

Student Scholarships
Imran Musaji, WSU
Jeridy Oetken, KSU
Qiang Li, FHSU
Krysta Green, KU

Legislative Task Force

Sam Bittel
Candy Fuller
Caryn Gustin
Michelle Haub
Dixie Heinrich 
Jamie Johnson
Janet Lober
Doug Parham
Kris Pedersen
Nancy Freese
Kevin Ruggle
Sara Sack
Nicole Samuelson
Carmen Schulte
Ed Schulte
Tim Steele
Susie Ternes
Mary Wade
Peggy Waggoner
Mike Weiser

Task Force on Assistants

Allison Winters, Co-Chair
Kristin Pedersen, Co-Chair
Judy Alexander-Smith
Gail Billman
Marcia Chambers
Stacie Clarkson
Peggy Fisher
Allison Gatewood
Amy Kuhn
Janet Lober
Pat Murphy
Kristin Pelczarski
Denise Simmons
Lois Waldo
Sheila Wood

Task Force on Guidelines for School-Based SLPs

Cheryl Darbro
Veronica Fierro
Peggy Fisher
Mary Foxhoven
Allison Gatewood
Mary Heald
Janet Lober, Chair
Tara Marshall
Elisabeth Mikesic
Ana Paula Mumy
Jami Rivera
Kristen Schwartz
Stephanie Tiernan
Beth Zillinger