Mentorship Program

Based on membership feedback, the KSHA Executive Board is launching a mentorship program. Mentorship has been recognized as a catalyst for career success. Additionally, mentorship provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to 'give back' to the profession. For the mentee, feeling supported and heard leads to better job satisfaction and reduced risk of burnout.

KSHA's mentorship program is rather informal. KSHA will maintain a list of students and young professionals who wish to be 'matched' with a mentor, as well as a list of members who are offering mentorship in certain areas of clinical practice.

Student mentees are paired with professionals who provide guidance, feedback, and support for career development in the professions (e.g., academic pursuits, career goals, and exploring areas of interest in the professions) in a meaningful, one-to-one relationship.

Mentees who are already in the profession, but seek expertise in a certain clinical area, will be paired with professionals who have knowledge in this area and can provide resources for skills development, tips and tricks, and best practice recommendations.

If you wish to be matched as either a mentor a mentee, please fill out this form and await your match! 

KSHA leadership will 'match' mentor with mentee and make an email introduction for both parties. After that, how/when/how often the mentorship relationship is carried out is up to the two of you. If you wish to be removed from either list, please email

*both mentors and mentees must be current KSHA members to participate in this program.