COVID-19 Resources

The following resource guide contains information regarding teletherapy in Kansas, free materials for at home practice/telepractice, reimbursement information, online continuing education opportunities and discount codes, and guidance for SLPs working in healthcare settings.

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COVID-19 Resource Guide for Kansas SLPs & Audiologists (updated March 31, 2020)

Additional news & updates regarding COVID-19:

  • Medicare: Although guidance was received from CMS on March 31, 2020 that clinicians would now have the ability to provide more services using telehealth, ASHA has clarified that at this time, the interim final rule does not expand this ability to include speech-language pathologists.  
  • The interim final rule added procedure codes typically billed by SLPs (e.g., 92523 and 92507) to the list of services that could be delivered via telepractice, but the rule does not authorize SLPs as providers (we are currently considered "suppliers" rather than "providers").  Click HERE to read more about this issue on the ASHA website.


Here is the number (19101) of the KMAP bulletin that addresses 96112 and 96113 as being allowed in the ECI and LEA setting as a service provided either in person or via telemedicine effective with processing date of July 1, 2019.
Via the current ECI Provider manual found at this link:
the codes you cite below (96112 and 96113) are noted in this manual.
Likewise, here is the link to the LEA Provider manual which is also reflective of the codes you specifically cite below.
Additionally, KMAP bulletin 18237 reflects 96111 as being deleted effective 12/31/18 and shows effective dates for 96112 and 96113 as being covered effective 1/1/19.