Poster proposals are now being accepted for the 2024 annual KSHA conference. Proposals are due JUNE 15.

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Student members of KSHA are eligible to apply for two distinct KSHA scholarships. Deadline to apply for both scholarships is June 15 each year.

Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship

Margaret Byrne Sarricks was a former Professor at the University of Kansas. She dedicated her career to educating future professionals within the field of communication disorders. She served as President of the Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association and President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She received the Honors of both Associations during her dedicated career. In 1995, the KSHA Executive Board named this scholarship in her honor and memory.

Margaret Byrne Sarricks Student Scholarship Guidelines

The Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association (KSHA) has made several Margaret Byrne Sarricks Student Scholarships available to encourage the presentation of student research at the KSHA Annual Conference. Participation by KSHA student members will be supported by these funds and will require the presentation of a poster at a special
session during the KSHA Conference.

I. General Information

1. The KSHA Executive Board will send a “Call for Scholarship Proposals” to the faculty
member representing each of the four academic training programs in CSD or speech-language
hearing departments within the state of Kansas. The November/December and
January/February issues of the KSHA Connection will contain informational reminders about
student eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

2. The proposals for the scholarship competition shall be due no later than June 15 unless
the date published in the KSHA Connection is later. Dates are subject to slight changes.

3. (a) The number of scholarships awarded and the amounts of each will be determined by
the KSHA Scholarship Task Force in accordance with the policies set forth and approved by
the Executive Board of KSHA.
    (b) A maximum of one award will be made to students who are
enrolled in—or have completed—doctoral training.

II. Student Applicant Eligibility Requirements

1. An applicant must be a KSHA Student Member by June 15.

2. (a) Applicants must be current or recent MA, MS, AuD, or PhD degree candidates at
any of the four academic training programs in CSD within the state of Kansas. Students in BA
or BS programs are not eligible for this competition.
    (b) The student shall not have graduated
more than one year prior to the actual presentation date.

III. Proposal Requirements

1. (a) Proposals should be research projects providing clinical or theoretical information
related to CSD. Reviews of literature and other non-data-based projects are not appropriate.
    (b) Preference will be given to applicants presenting completed research projects; however,
applicants whose research projects are in progress are also encouraged to apply.

2. (a) Research projects must have been completed at one of the four academic programs
in CSD within the state of Kansas.
(b) There must be a faculty sponsor from within the program where the study was conducted.

3. (a) Student applicants will submit a 500- to 1000-word summary of their work, inclusive
of a list of references, as well as a more limited 50-word abstract.
    (b) The summary should include a rationale for the study, detailed description of the methods employed, detailed
findings and conclusions. For studies in progress at the time of submission, applicants should
include a rationale, methods description, preliminary findings, and expected outcomes.
    (c) In general, proposals should follow APA format.

4. Proposals will be judged on overall quality, scientific merit, well-defined focus,
organization, and content.

IV. Submission Requirements
1. This application should be submitted by June 15. Faxed proposals will not be accepted.
2. Multiple submissions from the same student author are acceptable for this competition.

V. Awardee Requirements
1. Without exception, each awardee must register for the KSHA Annual Conference and
present his or her poster in order to receive his or her award. The KSHA Program Committee
will be responsible for providing an opportunity at a specified time period for the awardees to
present their posters.

2. (a) The Executive Board of KSHA has agreed to furnish a luncheon ticket for each student awardee.
(b) Each awardee will be recognized at the luncheon when the actual monetary awards will be made.

If you are a student and wish to submit a poster presentation to be considered for the Margaret Byrnes Sarricks scholarship), you must submit the following application and disclosure form:

Apply for Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship


Dixie Heinrich Servant Leadership Award

Dixie Heinrich, M.S., CCC-SLP, supported the Executive Board and advocated for the professions and individuals with communication disorders as the KSHA Coordinator/Executive Director from 1986-2014. She received Honors of the Association in 1988. In 2014, this scholarship was funded equally by KSHA and Murray and Dixie Heinrich.

“Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.”

-Robert K. Greenleaf, Center for Servant Leadership

Selection process: The Scholarship Task Force will select the recipients of the Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship. The Honors and Leadership Committees will select the recipient of the Dixie Heinrich Servant Leadership Award from the recipients of the Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship.

Apply for Dixie Heinrich Servant Leadership Award (note: all applicants for this scholarship must also apply for the Margaret Byrne Sarricks Scholarship above)